Tautology Bandwidth Meter

Tautology Bandwidth Meter

Tautology Bandwidth Meter measures the amount of data going through your NICs
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Tautology Bandwidth Meter is a program that measures the amount of data going through your network interface cards.
This program will tell you the amount of outgoing and ingoing traffic going through any of your network adapters, and will also calculate the sum of both of them. If the network interface is connected to the Internet, the amount of traffic will be nearly the same that the amount of the Internet traffic. As many ISPs charge you by the traffic, you can use this measurement just as a reference, since the author says that the program´s measures may differ from the ones reported by your ISP.

Tautology Bandwidth Meter will also display details about your network interfaces, such as the adapter´s description, MAC Address, last active date and time, computer name and IP address. The program will keep a log that you can print and export.

Through the "Settings" option you can tell the program what is your monthly traffic quota. The program will warn you when you are about to use it fully. You can also configure how do you want the program to keep the traffic log and if you want to display indicators in the system tray.

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  • It is free.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It monitors every NIC installed on your computer


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